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The Firsts: The Forerunners of Islam is the series that visits trailblazers of the ummah. Those that rise to the occasion, and inspire a generation. Host Sh. Dr. Omar Suleiman dives into the stories of the giants who were the first of their kind in this world, and distinguished in the next. Listen in to revive the personalities buried in history.Let’s meet the Firsts. This series is brought to you by Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. We aim to make academic and Islamically-credible scholarship mainstream through accessible resources such as infographics, animations, podcasts, learning materials, and more. Visit or download the Yaqeen app from the app store to continue dismantling doubts, nurturing conviction, and inspiring contribution, one truth at a time.
Abu Ayyub Al Ansari (ra): The Host of the Prophet August 11, 2022 Episode artwork Al Bara’ Ibn Malik (ra): The Underestimated HeroJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork Ubadah ibn al-Samit (ra): A Man Equal to a Thousand MenJune 14, 2022 Episode artwork Umm Haram (ra): When Dreams Come TrueJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork Anas ibn Malik (ra): In Service of the BelovedMay 31, 2022 Episode artwork Umm Sulaym (ra): Her Dowry Was IslamMay 18, 2022 Episode artwork Sa'ad Ibn Ubadah (ra): The Generous ChiefMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork Sa'ad Ibn Muadh (ra): The Man Who Shook The ThroneMarch 09, 2022 Episode artwork Usayd Ibn Hudayr (ra): Transformed by the QuranMarch 02, 2022 Episode artwork As’ad Ibn Zurara (ra): The First Convert of MadinahFebruary 24, 2022 Episode artwork Loving the AnsarFebruary 16, 2022 Episode artwork New! Sincerely Yours, a talk show by Yaqeen Institute!January 19, 2022 Episode artwork Mihja, Umayr, and Ubayda (ra): The Martyrs of Badr | The FirstsJanuary 05, 2022 Episode artwork Umm Kulthum Bint Uqbah Ibn Abi Muayt (ra): The Enemy’s Daughter | The FirstsDecember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Zinneera (ra) and Aflah (ra): The Tortured Ones | The FirstsDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork Amir Ibn Fuhayra (ra): The Guide on the HijrahDecember 15, 2021 Episode artwork Anisa, Al-Numan, and Amir (ra): On A Boat From AbysinniaDecember 07, 2021 Episode artwork Rayta Bint Al-Harith (ra): Poisoned on the WayNovember 30, 2021 Episode artwork Khalid Ibn Sa’id Ibn al-'As (ra): A Dream of the Prophet November 23, 2021 Episode artwork Subay'a Al-Aslamiyya (ra): The Iddah of a WidowNovember 16, 2021 Episode artwork Nuaym Ibn Abdullah (ra): Redirecting HistoryNovember 09, 2021 Episode artwork Ukasha ibn al-Mihsan (ra): He Beat You To ItNovember 02, 2021 Episode artwork Zaynab Bint Khuzayma (ra): The Mother of the PoorOctober 26, 2021 Episode artwork Abu Ahmad Abd Ibn Jahsh (ra): The Other Blind CompanionOctober 19, 2021 Episode artwork Abdullah Ibn Jahsh (ra): An Accepted PrayerOctober 12, 2021 Episode artwork